APEXBlade 3.3 transverse scan overlap issue

An issue has been found related to section sweep generation in the APEXBlade version where the section sweep incorrectly applies the overlap value.


The expected behaviour is that the section sweeps (which are transverse sweeps), start or end at a distance of half-overlap away from the blade nose split points.

The edge sweeps would extend beyond the nose split point by a distance equal to the overlap thus giving a nominal overlap equal to half the overlap value specified
(i.e. between the edge and section sweep).

The 3.3 behaviour is that the section sweeps are widened by the overlap value and are always created up to the blade nose split points.

There is a workaround for getting the section sweep width corrected - either set the overlap to 0 or use the width editing tool to get the desired width.
The section sweep length cannot be edited in APEX. The edge sweeps are created correctly.

This issue will be fixed in the upcoming release (4.0).


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