Changing from a UCClite-2 system to the UCCFusion controller

A UCCLite-2 with SPA1/ SPAlite/SPA2 servo power amplifiers can be replaced with the UCCFusion controller


UCCFusion 2011UCCFusion has the same functionality as UCClite-2; it supports 3-axis touch trigger probing but NOT scanning or temperature compensation. The powerful integral amplifier can operate between 24V-60V with an output up to 10A. At only 1U high and 19 inches wide it can be rack mounted or stand alone on a flat surface. The unit has a built in touch trigger interface and supports PH10 & TP200 via the standard PHC10-2 and PI200 interfaces.

UCCFusion utilises an external power supply (PSU) which can be sourced locally or purchased from Renishaw. Use of an external PSU allows the most economical solution to match the power requirements of the CMM and motors.


ESTOP bypass plug

 If no external emergency stop is fitted to the CMM a bypass plug is required. Note that this has additional connections to previous versions of the servo power amplifiers.
estop button _functions

 If an external emergency stop is fitted please refer to the Fusion installation guide (link ?)

Blanking Panel

Due to the size differences between the units blanking panels are available to fill the void.

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