Manual brake override

While commissioning a CMM equipped with mechanical brakes, it is sometimes useful to manually release the brake. The controller software has the option to do this using the MCU. This functionality was introduced from UCC Suite version 4.5.


To enable the MCU "Brake override option" the following must be performed:

  1. The CMM must be disengaged.
  2. The MCU must be in "Auto Mode". (Disabling the joystick will put the MCU into "Auto Mode").
  3. Press one of the "Axis Lock" buttons. The MCU will beep periodically and dispaly the message "Brake override?".
  4. When the "Joystick enable" button is pressed, the brake will be released. The brake will remain released as long as the "Joystick enable" button is pressed.
  5. When the "Joystick enable" button is released the brake will be re-applied and the brake override function will be cancelled.

NOTE:  As the CMM must be disengaged for this option, there is a possibility that the quill will drop after brake is released.  Caution should be observed whilst using this function.


UCC Suite version 4.5 and afterwards.

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