Read head input connection blanking plug for UCC2, T3 and T5

Pin functions of the RGH22 & RGH24 15way High Density ‘D’ Socket and required setup for a blanking plug.


So that a controller can function without a readhead being connected, a blanking plug is required. This removes any signals coming from the read head on that axis including and any errors signals.

15 way High Density ‘D' connector & Pin Confiruration

These are the pin numbers for a female 15 way High Density ‘D' connector

15-way D connector 

These are the pin configurations for both RGH22 and RGH24 read heads using the 15 way High Density ‘D' connector.

Pin numberFunction
1External set up
4-Ref. Mark
5-B signal
6-A signal
7+5v supply
8+5v supply sensing
90v sensing
10Limit switch
12+Ref. Mark
13+B signal
14+A signal
15Inner screen
ShellShell and screen

Blanking Connector for Unused Read Head Connections

These are the pins that need to be connected together on the blanking plug to allow the controller to function without having a readhead plugged in. The pins need to be shorted to each other as the diagram shows.

Blanking connector 



  • 15 way High Density ‘D' Connector – Male


  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Soldering iron and solder

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