Universal datum sphere


Datum sphereThe Renishaw universal datum sphere can be built to various heights, inclined over at 45 degrees and swivel in any axial orientation.

A quick and easy adjustment allows to set ball stem
over a wide range of probe datuming angles.
This enables datuming above, centrally and
below the ball. The hand adjustable pivot joint
enables stem rotation through 360° in the
horizontal plane, and ±45° in the vertical plane.

The datum sphere kits are available in five sizes, with a datum ball Ø12 mm, Ø19 mm, Ø25 mm, Ø3/4 in and Ø1 in respectively.
Various pillar extensions, adaptors and CMM fixing studs are also available.

Mounting and positioning the universal datum sphere


Mounting the sphere

1. Position the base of the datum sphere over a tapped hole on the CMM table.
2. Pass the fixing stud through the base centre hole and screw firmly into the CMM table, using the ‘C' spanner.
3. Screw the pivot pillar assembly firmly onto stud/base.
4. Finally screw the datum sphere into the pivot ball at the top of the pillar, and tighten with the ‘C'spanner.


 Positioning the sphere

1. Slacken off the locking collar and move to the
required position by gripping the ball stem.
2. Hold the ball in position and tighten the locking collar fi rmly by hand, taking care not to overtighten 


Image leyend

 1 Datum ball
 2 Ball stem
 3 'C' spanner
 4 Locking collar
 5 Pivot pillar
 6 Fitting stud
 7 Base
 8 Table surface

fitting standard sphere


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