Framework types and materials

Tooth and implant-supported frameworks from a wide selection of materials, including 3D printed cobalt chrome and precision machined zirconia, temporary PMMA and wax.

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LaserAbutments™ Realistic™
  Dental LaserAbutment         Realistic finished crown on white 

Wide selection of framework materials


Shaded translucent zirconia now available.


The highest quality isostatically pressed zirconia is ideal for crown and bridge frameworks up to 8 units, available in a choice of three shades plus bleach. High strength and excellent porcelain adhesion combine to give great aesthetics.  


An ideal alternative to cast or machined semi-precious or non-precious crown and bridge frameworks; fixed price per unit and made from traceable CE marked material. LaserPFM frameworks are made by 3D printing, a high-tech laser melting process which builds the framework layer by layer.


This temporary PMMA material is available in four shades giving a choice to match each case.


This investment wax material is specifically designed to burn out cleanly and saves you the time spent waxing up by hand.


Link abutment expanded

Available in all materials, link abutments are manufactured to your custom designs  for bonding in-lab to  your chosen titanium base. Link abutments are the ideal, cost-effective option for screw-retained or cement-retained restorations.

 "Renishaw's link abutments are of the highest quality and since we have started using them we have seen our business go from strength to strength"  Eric Storrar, E Storrar Cosmetic Dental, UK.

Framework downloads

  • Brochure: LaserPFM™ Brochure: LaserPFM™

    LaserPFM is an ideal alternative to cast or machined semi-precious or non precious crown and bridge frameworks. Read here for more information

  • Brochure: LinkAbutments™ Brochure: LinkAbutments™

    LinkAbutments are available in zirconia or cobalt chrome. Manufactured to your custom designs for bonding in-lab to your chosen titanium base. This offers a cost effective two-piece design for screw-retained or cement-retained restorations.

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