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Boretrak® Viewer software

The feature-packed Boretrak Viewer software package from Renishaw makes drilling and blasting safer, faster and more profitable than ever before.

Supporting drilling, blasting and geotechnical operations where safety, time, productivity and profitability are key

Renishaw's new Boretrak Viewer software package offers the unrivalled control and flexibility required to complete complex tasks with ease.

Introducing the Boretrak Viewer software package

Renishaw has developed new and improved standalone software for the Cabled Boretrak and Rodded Boretrak borehole deviation measurement systems. This feature-packed software package enables you to use Boretrak straight out of the box with no need for third-party software. Downloading your borehole data is now fully automated with fewer steps required to access the information you need. This smart software offers the unrivalled control and flexibility required to complete complex tasks with ease. Improve your quarrying, mining and geotechnical operations today.

Boretrak Viewer features

Versatility and usability are at the heart of the new Boretrak Viewer software package, which improves upon all the features and functionality of previous software.

Functional features

  • Process uphole and downhole from the same download
  • Process and view multiple surveys per hole
  • A hole design module assists planning / importing hole layouts and design holes
  • Combine multiple datasets from different probe types
  • 'Calculate Grid Magnetic Angle' feature uses Cabled Boretrak compass to calculate offset between magnetic and grid north
  • Survey holes from top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top

Feature packed

  • Single-click report generation on all holes within the project
  • Intuitive data download from all Boretrak units (automatically recognises probe and data type)
  • Full project directory structure accessible within the software
  • Raw data automatically saved in the project can be reprocessed as required
  • Export data as DXF, custom ASCII or PHD (for import into blast design packages)
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 compatibility
  • Compatibility with all generations of Cabled and Rodded Boretrak

The benefits to your business

Renishaw's new Boretrak Viewer borehole deviation software package supports superior drilling and blasting operations where safety, time, productivity and profitability are key.

Business benefits include:

Speed up project timescales: The new clear and intuitive 3D user interface enhances workflow, making each operation quicker and more efficient.
Improve profitability: The software gives operators the flexibility and versatility to achieve cost-effective blast design according to each project's unique requirements.
Improve safety: Immediate access to accurate borehole data means minimal time spent by operators in hazardous locations.

Free to download

The Boretrak Viewer software is available free of charge with all new purchases of Cabled Boretrak and Rodded Boretrak. It is also available to download for free using the links below.


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