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C-ALS® software

Now quicker to use, with even greater functionality during deployment and processing.

The C-ALS software has been designed to give more guidance during deployment and processing, so C-ALS requires less training and time on site than ever before.

Carlson Software Inc has acquired the Quarryman, Boretrak, C-ALS, Void Scanner, Merlin and ILM laser module product lines previously owned by Renishaw plc. Please visit our Carlson webpage for details.

The new C-ALS software is used to:

  • create 3D models
  • use 3D manipulation tools to visualise data
  • map the dimensions, shape and volume of voids and underground cavities
  • export point-cloud data into a range of design packages, to help plan mitigation work or design engineering solutions
  • design CAD features, using the point-cloud data.

How our software improvements save you time

Discover the benefits of the Cavity Profiler - C-ALS software:

  • Quicker navigation and intuitive design supports new operators and speeds up training.
  • A 3D scanner icon models the heading and inclination of the C-ALS probe so that operators can 'see' the probe, even when it is underground.
  • Obtain a closed 3D model and volume within seconds of finishing a scan, using the one-click function.
  • Cavity Profiler software will auto-connect to the C-ALS probe, reducing setup time.
  • The camera on the end of the C-ALS probe feeds a live display of deployment, allowing operators to view any obstructions and judge when the probe has entered the void.
  • Live recording from the C-ALS camera into WMV makes it easy to save and share video footage.
  • Exporting scan data is quick and easy. The Cavity Profiler software allows for export to a number of industry-standard formats, including LAS and DXF.