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Data acquisition and hydrographic software compatibility

Merlin's universal interface, compatible with major hydrographic data acquisition software packages, ensures operator familiarity and ease of use.

Compatible with the industry's best hydrographic software

The world's leading hydrographic software companies have fully integrated Merlin lidar technology into their workflow.

Carlson Software Inc has acquired the Quarryman, Boretrak, C-ALS, Void Scanner, Merlin and ILM laser module product lines previously owned by Renishaw plc. Please visit our Carlson webpage for details.

Merlin is already compatible with the software you own

Renishaw has worked closely with the world's leading hydrographic software companies to integrate Merlin into their workflow. As a result Merlin is fully operational with the following major industry-standard software packages:

  • NaviScan and Kuda sonar and laser data acquisition software from EIVA.
  • QINSy (Quality Integrated Navigation System) hydrographic data acquisition software from QPS.
  • Teledyne PDS software for hydrographic survey and dredging operations (version and newer)
  • HYSWEEP® multi-beam collection and editing software from HYPACK®. Fully operational in the HYSWEEP_15.0.18 version of HYPACK® 15.

What can you do with Merlin data?

The unique challenges of surveying marine environments include avoiding hazardous natural features, such as cliffs, rocks and reefs, as well as unpredictable weather conditions. Merlin's 250 m range enables accurate data acquisition from a safe distance, ensuring crew and vessel safety are paramount.

The many uses of Merlin's high-quality 3D data include:

  • Comparing old and new information to monitor coastal change
  • Creating navigation charts without venturing into hazardous coastal zones
  • Using historic data to update risk management and flood models to predict future events
  • Collecting detailed information safely and quickly from high-traffic waterways
  • Asset inventory mapping
  • Route planning (clearance surveys of structures and vegetation)
  • Volume calculations of dredged material