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Data processing

Our data processing teams enable customers to turn projects around more quickly, providing the deliverables you need.

As a worldwide leader in the laser measurement industry, Renishaw has almost three decades of experience in the acquisition and processing of lidar data.

This expertise is now available through our data-processing services, which aim to enable customers to move from raw data to finished maps, drawings and models, which they can use to progress projects quickly.

Reduce your project timescales

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Advancements in laser measurement technology now mean it is possible to collect huge amounts of survey data quickly and efficiently. However, this is often at the cost of increased office-based data processing times.

Renishaw recognise this and, as a company with many years' experience in lidar data processing, offer a data processing service to assist customers in processing, editing and managing lidar data without the large capital investment needed in specialised resource, software and training.

The Renishaw team consists of qualified surveyors and other industry professionals. Together they offer a comprehensive turnkey service for airborne, terrestrial, mobile and bathymetric data.

Our services

High definition data of a process unit

We offer a wide range of deliverables in industry-standard computer-aided design (CAD) and geographic information system (GIS) formats. We can provide the following:

  • Data cleaning and noise removal
  • Bare earth and non-ground classification
  • Digital terrain models (DTM) and contouring
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Vectorisation and feature extraction
  • Preparation of CAD drawings and GIS datasets
  • 3D modelling and texturing
  • Image overlay and point cloud colourisation
  • Visualisations and fly-throughs
  • Data archiving and management


We have particularly rich experience in the following applications:

Quarrying and mining

Firmatek - Stockpiles model

  • Calculation of stockpile volumes
  • Preparation of CAD quarry maps
  • Pre- and post-blast comparisons
  • Cavity and void calculations
  • Toe and crest extraction
  • Digitising of paper archives


Pylons at sunset

  • CAD plan and profile drawings including co-ordinates of towers, attachments points and sag of wires
  • Feature-coded data sets for input into design applications (Power Line Systems - Computer Aided Design and Drafting / PLS-CADD)
  • Automatic clearance surveys and danger detection of vegetation and features
  • Crossing survey layouts
  • 3D tower and span models


Quarry Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • Digital terrain models (DTM) and digital elevation models (DEM)
  • Breakline identification and contour models
  • Topographical layouts
  • Survey data integration
  • Cross-section and long sections
  • GIS-positioned datasets (geo databases)
  • Conversion and update of legacy mapping
  • Document scanning and format conversion

Coastal and marine

  • Shoreline mapping
  • Erosion monitoring
  • Change assessment
  • Sea/river bed modelling
  • Flood modelling
  • Run-off analysis


  • Pipeline feasibility studies
  • Highway asset management
  • Cutting and embankment cross sections
  • Earthwork design and as-built scanning
  • Pipeline corridor mapping
  • Abnormal load clearances
  • City modelling
  • Intervisibility analysis

High-definition data

  • Primitive 3D modelling
  • Intelligent 3D modelling
  • Clash checking
  • Scan to building information modelling (BIM)
  • As-built 2D drawing creation / extraction