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Dental CAD/CAM process takes a bite sized chunk out of framework prices

The incise scanning and milling machinesRenishaw’s new incise™ dental milling machine was a significant talking point at the Dental Showcase exhibition held recently in Birmingham, UK, where dental laboratories were shown a system that will allow them to produce high quality zirconia frameworks at prices well below current market norms.

Said Gareth Tomkinson, UK Dental Sales Development Manager, “Renishaw is the world’s largest supplier of in-lab dental CAD/CAM scanning machines, and because we also manufacture our new compact milling machine we can offer incredibly competitive pricing to laboratories who are either looking to produce zirconia restorations in-house, or have frameworks supplied through our central manufacturing facility.”

Affordable dental CAD/CAM ......without compromise

Renishaw's stand at BDTA 2009The new dental milling system can produce single copings, custom abutments and bridge frameworks of up to 8 units in size, with further developments available early in 2010. Data obtained from Renishaw’s incise dental scanner is analysed using sophisticated dental CAD software, which then automatically determines a best-fit margin line and other parameters. The 3D computer model can then be fine-tuned by the technician if required before sending the data directly to the new dental milling system, which machines the pre-sintered zirconia billets supplied by Renishaw.

Before the final sintering in a furnace, a colour stain can be added to the copings or bridge frameworks to match a patient’s teeth, or left as the original white colour. Zirconia is an extremely bio friendly material, that also provides exceptional strength and optimum aesthetics for even the most demanding restoration.

Added Mr Tomkinson, “Our focus is on providing patients with affordable metal-free restorations as a viable alternative to non-precious PFM. However, there are no compromises; we manufacture high quality dental CAD/CAM systems, which together with premium grade zirconia, allow labs to promote the benefits of metal-free dentistry to many more clinicians and their patients.”

More details about Renishaw's incise dental CAD/CAM system.


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