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Fanbeam® accessories

Fanbeam accessories give vessels the flexibility to achieve the highest levels of performance, whatever the project.

Fanbeam is supplied as a full kit. Our accessories range is designed to help customers by offering vessels and fleets a range of options, so that they can support Fanbeam in the field and adapt setup to suit their own needs.

Cabling and power

Spares, replacements or additional items are available for the full Fanbeam kit, including:

  • PC control system / HMI (large panel or bracket)
  • deck, power and HMI cabling in various lengths
  • transit case
  • mounting bolt kits


Fanbeam's success comes from the combination of the laser unit, precision-engineered targets, software and the HMI. We specifically recommend against using non-Renishaw targets with the Fanbeam laser unit, as only our own, precision-engineered targets give a reliable and accurate performance with our laser unit.

Spares Kits

By keeping a spares kit onboard a vessel, operators will be able to maintain, adapt and carry out minor repairs, which may mean the difference between losing day rate and keeping operational.

We also offer an entire Fanbeam kit as a fleet spare for operators with five or more Fanbeam-equipped vessels.

Our vessel spares kits are:

Spares Kit 1

This kit offers vessels the basic consumable items needed to maintain and remount the Fanbeam. At a very low cost, it offers considerable flexibility and peace of mind. Spares Kit 1 contains:

  • Grease gun
  • Fuses
  • Opto-isolators
  • Sealing tape
  • Silicon grease
  • RTV
  • TORX bit 

Spares Kit 2

Spares Kit 2 offers spare parts for repairs that may be carried out on vessel by your own engineers. Documentation is supplied with the kit so that vessel operators can, by investing in our reasonably-priced spares kit, avoid the sometimes lengthier delays and increased costs associated with return to base service.

  • Controller and stepper PCBs
  • Cable, terminals and bulkead connectors
  • Cable and Cannon connectors
  • CF card for the embedded PC
  • O-rings
  • Base gasket seal