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Fanbeam® Advance retrofit for discontinued CyScan® Mk3*

Forward-thinking fleet managers looking to replace their discontinued CyScan Mk.3 and minimise downtime, can now use Fanbeam Advance to retrofit a Fanbeam 5.

What is Fanbeam Advance?

Fanbeam Advance is a cost-effective package that enables vessels to upgrade quickly from the now-discontinued CyScan Mk.3 to Renishaw's proven Fanbeam.

The package consists of specially designed components that allow for a quick and simple Fanbeam 5 installation.

Who can benefit from Fanbeam Advance

Vessel bridge

Anyone operating the discontinued CyScan Mk.3. The Advance kit includes a specially designed power supply unit to enable existing CyScan infrastructure to be used with a Fanbeam 5, avoiding the need for disruptive running of new control cabling. A complete upgrade kit including Fanbeam 5 and Fanbeam Advance is also available. 

This proactive approach keeps vessels working and provides operators with quick and easy access to all the benefits of the proven Fanbeam 5, including high performance and reliability in extreme conditions, and Renishaw's world-class service and support.

Principal system benefits

  • Easy access to superior laser DP technology: By reusing existing cables, Fanbeam Advance enables the quick and easy mobilisation from discontinued CyScan Mk.3 to Fanbeam 5 in a single day, minimising disruption and costly vessel downtime.
  • Cost-effective fleet standardisation: With Fanbeam Advance, fleet operators can enhance vessel reliability and the safety of operations across multiple vessels without wasting money on cabling or infrastructure they already possess.
  • Reliable product with an excellent service model: Renishaw offers Fanbeam customers a one-year warranty and five years guaranteed full support, even if the product is discontinued.

World-class service and support

  • Expert global service and support: Renishaw has the scale and resources to keep you working wherever you operate. We offer outstanding global service and support for real peace of mind.
  • 20 years of industry experience: Our skilled laser measurement specialists offer expert training and project support.
  • World-class production values: Renishaw products are designed in-house and manufactured at state-of-the-art assembly facilities.
  • Repair by Exchange service option: As well as worldwide access to our fully equipped authorised service and repair centres, our proven Repair by Exchange service option also guarantees you the ability to eliminate vessel downtime.

Fanbeam Advance schematic

Fanbeam Advance schematic functional diagram


  • Flyer: Fanbeam® Advance retrofit for discontinued CyScan® Mk3 Flyer: Fanbeam® Advance retrofit for discontinued CyScan® Mk3

    Fanbeam Advance is the cost-effective upgrade package that enables vessels to advance from the now-discontinued CyScan Mk3 to Renishaw’s proven Fanbeam in under a day. The package includes specially designed components that allow for quick and easy Fanbeam 5 installation.

  • Brochure: Fanbeam 5 Brochure: Fanbeam 5

    It’s the combined design of our targets, Fanbeam laser unit, software and interface that make Fanbeam the preferred laser-based position reference system. Our range of data ouputs, and the experience of fleets in combining Fanbeam with a range of other sensors and DP systems, make it ideal either for holding a vessel in station, or for moving a vessel with high levels of accuracy.

  • Data sheet: Fanbeam 5 Data sheet: Fanbeam 5

    Fanbeam's robust design and precision engineering result in a highly accurate and reliable laser Dynamic Positioning (DP) position reference system.

  • Press release: BOURBON selects Renishaw as part of fleet standardisation strategy

    Renishaw has won a contract to supply Fanbeam 5 laser DP position reference systems to BOURBON vessels around the world.

* See Guidance Marine Technical Bulletins:
94-0376-4 ‘Product End of Life Notification – CyScan Mk3' 21 January 2014
94-0376-4-A ‘Updated Product End of Life Notification – CyScan Mk3' 21 October 2014
CyScan is a registered trademark of Guidance IP Limited