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Fanbeam® software and interface

The software used by Fanbeam 5 draws on our decades-long work with DPOs to intelligently deal with false targets and lost targets, and to offer new confidence indicators to aid decision-making.

Customers who have used earlier Fanbeam models, are immediately impressed by the level of sophistication offered by the software for Fanbeam 5.

The most widely adopted laser reference position system

As a team that has always worked closely with our customers and service centres to understand the demands of different DP projects and different vessel types, as well as the needs of DPOs, we were in a unique position when designing our software. This experience has made Fanbeam the most widely used laser position reference sensor in the world.

The DPOs we spoke to wanted:

  • Unbranded Fanbeam_control_systemSoftware intelligent enough to deal simply, quickly and automatically with false or lost targets.
  • The peace of mind that comes from pre-programmable alarms for key activities, such as target loss or reaching maximum range.
  • The ability to pre-program filters, to speed operations on time-critical projects.
  • Clear displays, even at night-time.
  • Easy-to-use control mechanisms, such as touchscreens and function keys.
  • A visual representation of the laser movement, the vessel and the target.
  • Simple software manuals, that make it easy to ensure DPOs can get the most out of the system.

We designed our Fanbeam software to give DPOs the ability to perform critical operations with ease.

Our customers' DPOs benefit from:


  • Ergonomically designed controls for quick manipulation during complex operations.
  • Function keys, which enable swift operations.
  • Pre-programmable filters support correct target identification.

Peace of mind

  • New confidence indicators, which draw on a range of measurements to give a live, numerical confidence score.
  • A range of data output options, and the ability to see the data telegram transmitted to the DP system.
  • Simple indication of target noise and severity.


  • Clear, easy to understand numeric readouts.
  • The LED back-lit keypad and pointer are optimised for night-time operations.
  • Display switches quickly between daylight and night-time colours for maximum screen clarity.
  • Real-time visual representation of laser movement is an instant guide to sensor activity.
  • Vessel display options visualise the position of the vessel relative to the target, which is helpful for DPOs working on a range of vessels of different types.