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Map the full marine environment in a single pass

Accurately mapping the full landscape above and below the waterline – including seabed, shoreline, coastal features, and man-made structures – has long presented surveyors with major challenges.

Merlin offers seamless integration with existing vessel systems

Merlin plugs straight into your vessel's existing technology for seamless integration with bathymetric sensors and satellite positional technology.

Install Merlin for fully integrated sonar and lidar data capture

It was previously difficult and expensive to achieve fully integrated sonar (below water) and lidar (above water) data capture in order to obtain a full, three-dimensional dataset of a marine environment. It could take a minimum of two operations to capture the data required to formulate a complete, useful 3D environment: one to collect sonar data and a second to gather lidar data. This effectively required twice the time, twice the manpower and often twice the expense.

Time-saving laser technology

Obtaining a full 360° pointcloud of your marine environment, quickly and safely, speeds up project timescales, minimises the amount of time surveyors spend in potentially hazardous areas and, ultimately, reduces the surveying costs associated with complex vessel-based surveying assignments.

Data for decision making

The accurate information acquired by Merlin combines seamlessly with below-water acoustic data for complete datasets that reveal the full landscape above and below the waterline. This provides you with the information required to make often-difficult decisions with confidence.

A great investment

Incorporating high-cost positional equipment into Merlin when those components are already present on the vessel would add unnecessary expense to the cost of laser-based surveying. Instead, Merlin integrates with your existing hardware infrastructure for cost-effective laser-based surveying.

The Merlin marine-grade laser scanner is specifically designed to plug straight into your survey vessel's existing hardware and software infrastructure to enable the simultaneous capture of accurate survey data above and below the waterline.

Complete datasets in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost

By augmenting your survey vessel's existing bathymetric equipment with the time-tagged Merlin marine laser scanner from Renishaw, lidar scans and multibeam acoustic data can be obtained in a single pass to produce precisely timed survey data that produces exceptional results for improved pointclouds.

Because Merlin can operate within the vessel's existing hydrographic software package, data can be gathered simultaneously alongside existing operations, and both above- and below-water data can be gathered at the same time without having to run separate lines or set up additional surveying equipment.

Time tagged for precisely synchronised datasets

Seamless integration with the hydrographic equipment already on board allows every data point recorded by Merlin to be precisely time stamped according to the vessel's existing data acquisition systems and positional sensors. This flawless synchronisation of above- and below-water data collection means that highly accurate 360° point clouds can be achieved.

Merlin can also integrate an external timing source from existing timing equipment through its top side interface box.


  • Brochure: Merlin Brochure: Merlin

    Engineered by Renishaw, Merlin is the marine laser scanner developed specifically for cost-effective offshore and inland waterway surveying. Merlin is designed to complement your vessel’s existing hardware and software infrastructure. Seamless integration with your below-water sensors, enables the fast and effective acquisition of time-tagged survey data above and below the waterline simultaneously.

  • Data sheet: Merlin Data sheet: Merlin

    Detailed list of technical specifications and dimensions for Renishaw’s Merlin vessel-based lidar sensor.

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