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  • Spectroscopy Innovations 16 Spectroscopy Innovations 16

    In this issue - new products launched in 2013; graphene research; new software: massive Raman images; Eclipse low wavenumber filters; seminars and workshops 2013; exhibitions and conferences.


Past issues of 'Spectroscopy Innovations'

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 15 Spectroscopy Innovations 15

    Renishaw reveals new products at Pittcon 2012: 3D imaging and RA800 OEM benchtop instrument. Also information about Renishaw seminars and workshops, ICORS, and tip on choosing the correct objective for your sample. Print resolution pdf, suitable for local printing.

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 14 Spectroscopy Innovations 14

    Microbe identification. Nematode model organisms. Microsphere antibiotic carriers. Inside Raman UK seminar 2011. Exhibitions & conferences. Small file size for screen viewing (950 kB).

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 13 Spectroscopy Innovations 13

    Greener transport, Efficiently using the sun's energy, Harnessing solar energy, Consuming less power. Small file size for emailing downloading.

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 12 Spectroscopy Innovations 12

    In this issue - Life sciences in the fast lane, Raman in biology and biomedicine, The safer anthrax, From the laboratory to hospitals, Advances in whole cell detections:Klarite at Rensihaw Diagnostics, How green is your algae? Exhibitions and conferences

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 11 Spectroscopy Innovations 11

    In this issue - Graphene nanotechnology, Invia integration with any AFM, Local expertise, Forthcoming events for 2010.

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 10 Spectroscopy Innovations 10

    In this issue: using Raman to assess sperm viability; Raman - a valuable tool for the forensic scientist; the inVia story; boosting productivity with automation and remote control

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 9 Spectroscopy Innovations 9

    Introducing StreamLine™ Plus – Renishaw's rapid, fully-scaleable Raman imaging system. Also in this issue: Reveal the nano-world with a fully-integrated, combined AFM-Raman system with NT-MDT's NTEGRA AFM system; Raman adds chemical specificity to a particle accelerators and beamlines; SEM-SCA open house at the University of Arizona.

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 7 Spectroscopy Innovations 7

    This edition contains articles on: Announcing...inVia Raman microscopes; Renishaw - built on innovation and engineering excellence; Chemical mapping with Renishaw Raman; Probing carbon nanotubes with Renishaw Raman microscopy.

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 6 Spectroscopy Innovations 6

    This edition contains articles on: art restoration; recognising GE POL diamonds; macro chamber for RA100 Raman analyser; Raman helps to develop fuel cells; RM1000B confocal Raman microscope; refurbished demonstration room

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 5 Spectroscopy Innovations 5

    This edition contains articles on: LAPD demonstrates the power of Raman in forensics; UV-to-NIR Raman systems; Raman spectral libraries; Renishaw - the only choice for full upgradeable Raman systems; microscope and sample handling accessories.

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 4 Spectroscopy Innovations 4

    This edition contains articles on: Raman microscope used for in situ tribological studies; fast, easy analysis of polymer failures with confocal Raman microscopy; novel imaging technology for Renishaw spectrometers; full instrument calibration software; Raman seminars at Renishaw subsidiaries worldwide.

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 3 Spectroscopy Innovations 3

    This edition contains articles on: Renishaw Raman microscope used as part of NASA space mission; Raman study of 13th Byzantine painting; novel imaging technology for Renishaw spectrometers; Researcher makes light work of trapping droplet; Renishaw FocusTrack - a valuable aid to mapping

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 2 Spectroscopy Innovations 2

    This edition contains articles on: 25 years of Renishaw; in situ Raman measurements on catalysts; ultra-high resolution mapping: a new advance; Renishaw dual laser solutions; long standoff fiber optic probes; Renishaw encoded diffraction grating stage; Renishaw Raman at Laboratory of the Government Chemist

  • Spectroscopy Innovations 1 Spectroscopy Innovations 1

    This edition contains articles on: patents granted; record annual results for Renishaw plc; new worldwide Raman offices; Renishaw and Leica combine forces; Renishaw announce new UV Raman system; DLC analyser; photodynamic therapy; combined Raman and photoluminescence of diamond films