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Combined optical interface, which conveys and processes signals for two different probes sequentially. Offers new modulated transmission method for use with Renishaw's new generation probe range.

About OMI-2H

The OMI-2H optical interface utilises a revised state-of-the-art modulated optical transmission method, therefore offering the highest level of resistance to light interference.

OMI-2H has been specifically designed for use in twin probing applications, therefore it communicates with both a spindle probe and an OTS table probe, or two spindle probes, and gives visual indication of the activated device.

The OMI-2H has been designed with the bare minimum of I/O. The only output being probe status. There is no user configuration present, specify and use with caution.

Compatible probes

OMI-2H can be used with any combination of the following new generation probes. Flexible twin probe system configurations, using one receiver and two probes, can provide an easily integrated solution for most on-machine inspection applications.

Component setting/inspection : New! OMP40-2, OMP60, OMP400

Tool setting/inspection : New! OTS

OMI-2H specification

Principal applicationSmall-to-medium machining centres using two modulated probes
Transmission typeInfra-red optical
Transmission range

5 m

Power supply

12 V to 30 V dc


8 m standard lengths.

Screened, 6 core (each core 18 x 0.1 mm).


Mounting bracket allowing directional setting



Order information

Part numberDescription
A-5439-0049OMI-2H interface kit (8 m)

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