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Realistic™ translucent zirconia

Realistic - The ideal material for your digital dental lab, combining aesthetics, strength and reliability.

Realistic translucent zirconia

High translucency allows full contour designs to be created without the extra cost of porcelain application. A quick stain and glaze finish allows you to achieve your desired characterisation.

Realistic enables the modern dental lab to fully embrace digital dentistry. Using the latest CAD programs such as Renishaw Dental Studio it is now possible to design lifelike crowns which can be produced in Realistic translucent zirconia, helping to save time and money whilst giving a product manufactured within an accredited quality system.

Advantages and benefits

Realistic frameworks are manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485 and from CE marked material, giving you and your dentist the reassurance that you are buying a quality product that has met medical device industry standards (applicable to the EU).

16 shades plus one bleach.


  • Anterior and posterior
  • Anatomical crowns and bridges up to 8 units
  • Reduced anatomical crowns and bridges up to 8 units
  • Onlays

Technical Data

Mean Linear Intercept Distanceµm0.25 ± 0.05
Biaxial Flexure StrengthMPa1100 ± 50
CTE 10 x 10-6 (25~900°C)
Fracture ToughnessMPa m1/210
Final Sintered HardnessHV101200~1300
Pre-Sintered HardnessHV1060~70
Bulk Densityg cm-36.085~6.095 ≥ 6.00 (ISO 13356)

Chemical composition

ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2O3> 99.5
Al2O3< 0.15
Other Oxides< 0.2


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