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Renishaw OMV

PC‑based on‑machine component inspection and verification software for machining centres.

Inspect geometric features and free-form surfaces.

Multi-axis machine support.

On-screen simulation for program prove-out.

About Renishaw OMV

Renishaw OMV performs CMM-style post-machining component inspection and verification tasks on a CNC machine tool, creating comprehensive reports of measurement results obtained and part tolerance data.


  • Renishaw OMV video Renishaw OMV video

Features and benefits

  • Offline, PC-based programming.
  • Ability to program direct from solid models.
  • Comprehensive database of Renishaw probes.
  • Ability to inspect a component before it leaves the machine tool.
  • A wide range of alignment options and probing strategies avilable.
  • Configurable graphical and text-based reporting formats.
  • Geometric feature and free-form surface inspection options.
  • Multi-axis machine support.
  • Probe path simulation for collision detection.
  • Machine simulation*.
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T)*.
  • Construct features from existing component geometry*.
* Renishaw OMV Pro only. This application may not be available in all countries.


Renishaw OMV overview

Depending on machine configuration, measurement results obtained can be returned 'live' to the PC used for program generation or stored to the CNC machine tool control for access at a later date.

Post-process reporting options include on-screen colour-coded confetti points (including a tolerance gradient), call outs and in-place labels. Customisable tabular reports can also be generated, including feature acceptance data, tolerance information and snap shots of the component solid model.



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Renishaw OMV in use on an Okuma OSP200 controller.