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Renishaw to demonstrate live marine survey data collection at US Hydro 2017 Conference

March 2017

Renishaw is pleased to be participating in two live hydrographic survey demonstrations at the US Hydro 2017 Conference in Galveston, Texas, later this month.

In collaboration with autonomous vessel technology specialist ASV Global and leading hydrographic product and software supplier Measutronics Corporation, Renishaw will deploy its Merlin lidar sensor for the survey of marine features close to the venue. 

Renishaw's affordable marine-grade lidar scanner, Merlin, is designed to reduce the amount of time that crew and vessels spend in potentially hazardous locations. Time-tagged for seamless integration with existing vessel equipment, including underwater sensors and GPS, Merlin enables surveyors to scan above and below the waterline in a single pass.

The Merlin scanner will carry out two surveys while mounted on board ASV Global's autonomous C-Worker 5 vessel, which ASV Global will operate using its ASView® control system from inside the conference. As C-Worker 5 navigates the Galveston Bay and shipping channel, Merlin will scan the surface features of a stacked jack-up drilling rig and the Interstate 45 Causeway Bridge, which connects Galveston Island to the mainland.

Underwater sensors, motion compensation units and position equipment supplied by Measutronics will be used to collect sonar data from below the waterline which, when synchronised with Merlin's time-tagged data, will produce a 360° dataset of the full environment.

The US Hydro audience can observe the collection of this data from inside the venue, as HYPACK® software supplied by Measutronics delivers the results to the ASV stand in real-time. The jack-up rig survey demonstration will take place at 10:00 on Tuesday 21 March, while the survey of the I45 Causeway Bridge will be carried out at 13:30 on Wednesday 22 March.

This comprehensive hydrographic technology showcase will reveal how the latest marine surveying equipment can be integrated to map the full marine environment in a single pass.

A Merlin lidar scanner unit will also be on display for visitors at stand 20, where Renishaw's team of specialists can offer further information, product presentations and guidance based on decades of marine surveying expertise. 

Measutronics Corporation's manned survey vessel will also be moored in Galveston Bay, where its team is showcasing a wide range of hydrographic surveying products, including Renishaw's Merlin lidar system for cost-effective marine surveying, Teledyne's Reson Seabat T-20-P multi-beam echosounder, the Applanix POS MV, and HYPACK® software.

ASV Technical Sales Manager Brian Anderson said: “The C-Worker Class of ASVs provide an important efficiency boost to the offshore survey and construction industry. In particular, the C-Worker 5 has a proven track record of robust reliability in tough and remote areas of operation. Teaming with Renishaw and other leading sensor manufacturers, we can now offer state-of-the-art 24/7 data capture at lower cost and decreased HSE risk over manned vessel operations.”

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  • News release: US Hydro 2017 Conference

    Renishaw to demonstrate live marine survey data collection to audiences at US Hydro 2017 Conference

  • Brochure:  Merlin Brochure: Merlin

    Engineered by Renishaw, Merlin is the marine laser scanner developed specifically for cost-effective offshore and inland waterway surveying. Merlin is designed to complement your vessel’s existing hardware and software infrastructure. Seamless integration with your below-water sensors, enables the fast and effective acquisition of time-tagged survey data above and below the waterline simultaneously.

  • Data sheet:  Merlin Data sheet: Merlin

    Detailed list of technical specifications and dimensions for Renishaw’s Merlin vessel-based lidar sensor.

  • Merlin on board ASV Merlin on board ASV

    Photo of Merlin lidar scanner deployed on board ASV survey vessel

  • Merlin in harbour Merlin in harbour

    Photo of Merlin in Plymouth harbour

  • Merlin 30 Deg L Merlin 30 Deg L

    Merlin marine lidar scanner


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