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Security and presence detection

Compact and designed to work in extreme environments, our laser sensor modules can identify moving objects or people over large distances, and track them within the detection field.

Perimeter guarding

Prison wall

Renishaw laser sensors can be integrated into systems for guarding secure locations. With multiple configuration and integration options, Renishaw sensors can:

  • serve as an invisible laser tripwire
  • output a trigger signal to third party equipment such as cameras or alarms
  • detect objects within a user definable range

How it works

Our experienced team can discuss individual requirements in detail to highlight the benefits of Renishaw sensors for your application.

The module emits invisible, eye-safe laser pulses, which travel to the nearest target where they are reflected. Part of the reflected radiation returns to the laser sensor, is detected, and stops a time counter which was started when the pulse was sent out. The distance is calculated and output via RS232 serial communications. When an object breaches the laser tripwire, a shorter distance is measured and a trigger signal sent to the third-party equipment.

Pencil-beam or scanning laser module?

Our pencil beam Industrial Laser Modules (ILMs) are favoured by customers wanting a smaller sized unit, which is less visible to intruders, and less intrusive to authorised personnel. They are a cost-effective option for a wide range of projects. The longest range pencil-beam module we produce has a range of 1200 m.

Our Scanning Laser Modules (SLM) are favoured when the reassurance of 360-degree area coverage is needed. Because SLMs scan the whole area, rather than a single line, they are more difficult for intruders to avoid.


Intruder Detection

Laser modules are used as triggers for cameras or alerts to personnel in police and security surveillance work.

Police or security teams can install a pencil-beam Industrial Laser Module (ILM) discretely, because of its small size and ease of deployment. The ILM can easily be moved between locations, for successive projects.

The module will detect when anybody approaches a building or other location, and can be used as a trigger to a camera, recording an image, or to an alert system. This can be used for a wide range of applications, including support to vulnerable people, by offering a discrete and low-cost way of providing continuous monitoring of approaches to a building.

Intruder detection for mobile teams

MDL intruder detection SLM

The Scanning Laser Module (SLM) can be easily deployed in the field to quickly establish a virtual perimeter.

The SLM can be mounted on a small tripod, or placed directly on the ground.

Alternatively the SLM can be mounted on a moving vehicle for use as an object detection sensor.