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Support and service for your Merlin system

Merlin is the product of decades of experience in the design and use of laser scanners and comes with the assurance of world-class service and support from one of the leading global engineering technologies companies.

Renishaw manufacturing standards

Merlin has undergone extensive accuracy, IP and repeatability testing, including shock and vibration and other regulatory compliance checks.

Merlin utilises Renishaw's own patented encoder technologies for guaranteed high accuracy levels.

Ready for its use in extreme environments, Merlin has been subjected to extensive accuracy, life, IP and repeatability testing both in-house and at external test houses to ensure customers' high expectations are met. Enjoy peace of mind that Merlin has a long life for yielding high accuracy data.


  • Brochure: Merlin Brochure: Merlin

    Engineered by Renishaw, Merlin is the marine laser scanner developed specifically for cost-effective offshore and inland waterway surveying. Merlin is designed to complement your vessel’s existing hardware and software infrastructure. Seamless integration with your below-water sensors, enables the fast and effective acquisition of time-tagged survey data above and below the waterline simultaneously.

  • Data sheet: Merlin Data sheet: Merlin

    Detailed list of technical specifications and dimensions for Renishaw’s Merlin vessel-based lidar sensor.

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