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Void Scanner applications and deployment

Renishaw's Void Scanner is the most reliable, cost-effective way to carry out the regular mapping of underground voids, stopes, shafts and ore passes.

A range of applications for mining and civil engineering

While primarily a high-speed, low-cost cavity monitoring system, used in the ‘routine' measurement of underground mining and excavation progress and 3D mapping, Void Scanner applications also include:

  • Gallery, void and stope surveying
  • Project profitability / feasibility planning
  • Ore pass monitoring
  • Mine design management
  • Waste and ore stockpile management
  • End-of-shift extraction volume scanning
  • Compliance, environmental and safety management
  • Storage silo volume measurement
  • Underground blast planning
  • Drive surveys
  • Face modelling
  • Pre- and post-excavation mapping

Flexible deployment options

Void Scanner is designed specifically to work in unsafe or difficult-to-access areas. The unit can be deployed vertically or horizontally and controlled remotely on tripods, booms, masts, cranes and vehicles for unmanned operation where access is limited or dangerous.

Designed for deep underground mines

Underground mining has ventured ever deeper in recent years, and so Void Scanner is designed to withstand the extreme operating temperatures found deep underground. It is also robust and portable enough to be used for multiple deployments. Many of our units have been in operation for over eight years.

The lightweight and portable Void Scanner weighs 5 kg and, with a diameter of just 14 cm, can be deployed into small apertures. Where much narrower borehole deployment is required, we recommend our slimline C-ALS system.


  • Brochure: Void Scanner Brochure: Void Scanner

    A specialist ruggedised instrument, Void Scanner uses time-of-flight laser measurement to map the shape, position and spatial location of voids to help ensure the safety of personnel, stock, and valuable underground sites.

  • Data sheet: Void Scanner Data sheet: Void Scanner

    Detailed list of technical specifications and dimensions for Renishaw’s Void Scanner, the innovative system for on-the-spot, underground mine surveys, which can be used to support project planning and daily operational decision-making.

  • Data sheet: Void Scanner Wi-Fi box Data sheet: Void Scanner Wi-Fi box

    An optional Void Scanner laser system accessory, the Wi-Fi box houses a rechargeable battery and wireless module. It removes the need for a separate battery pack, power cable, PC data cable and interface box.

Image gallery

  • Void Scanner 028
  • Void Scanner 026
  • Void Scanner 047 with Wi-Fi box
  • Void Scanner 021
  • Void Scanner 013
  • Void Scanner 004