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Void Scanner, engineered by Renishaw

Ruggedised products engineered by Renishaw can support project success despite the challenging conditions found in extreme underground locations.

Engineering that gives you confidence in challenging environments

Void Scanner is manufactured in the UK at Renishaw's award-winning production facilities so you can be sure that this cavity monitoring system (CMS) will offer high-performance laser scanning despite the extreme conditions found deep underground.

The latest addition to Renishaw's range of laser measurement equipment for the mining industry has been subjected to Renishaw's rigorous environmental testing practices, which ensure optimum operation within specified limits of temperature, pressure, humidity, mechanical stress and other environmental conditions.

Testing includes IP65 dust and water protection and performance in extremes of temperature and humidity.

Inspections also include:

  • Shock testing
  • Acceleration testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Drop testing

Renishaw understands your industry

Having worked closely with our clients in the mine and quarry industries for over three decades, Renishaw understands the applications for which our products are used, and our customers' technical and environmental requirements.

Improvements to Void Scanner include better internal gearings, which has enhanced point cloud quality and surfacing, leading to improved data accuracy for better on-site decision making.

Renishaw guarantees support

Renishaw plc is a FTSE-250 company with the scale, resources and engineering expertise to guarantee design excellence, robust construction and outstanding customer service.

Our laser products have become global industry leaders, offering customers new capabilities and a real competitive advantage.

Our network of global service centres and local technical support ensures that our customers can access Renishaw expertise and assistance wherever they operate.

We are committed to ongoing product development and innovation that enables you to ensure the safety, profitability, and efficiency of your operation.