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Void Scanner software

We've completely redesigned the Void Scanner software to give more guidance during deployment and processing, so Void Scanner requires less training and time on site than ever before.

Our new software is quicker to use, both in deployment and while processing, and offers even greater functionality.

Model new mine data in 3D

Void Scanner's software Cavity Profiler - VS can be used to:

Void Scanner software model image
  • use 3D manipulation tools to visualise data
  • determine the width, height and length of tunnels, as well as the volume and dimensions of voids
  • feed point cloud data into design packages for new mining programmes
  • design any CAD features, working straight from the point cloud data


How our software improvements save you time

Void Scanner Cavity Scan

For mines and construction projects where time is at a premium, or where operators use many different systems, Void Scanner is the ideal choice for many reasons, including:

  • Quicker navigation and intuitive design supports new operators and speeds up training.
  • Software runs on the connected, ruggedised PC included in the package, and shows the scanner's inclination and position at all times.
  • One-click surfacing and volume calculation from raw scan data enables you to obtain a closed 3D model and volume within seconds of finishing a scan.
  • Point cloud editing and visualisation can be conducted on site to support swift operations.
  • Auto-connection to the probe reduces setup time.
  • Export to a number of industry-standard formats, including LAS and DXF, allows easy integration with third-party processing software.

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