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Void Scanner Wi-Fi Box

Specialised equipment designed to help you get the most out of your Void Scanner cavity monitoring system.

Carlson Software Inc has acquired the Quarryman, Boretrak, C-ALS, Void Scanner, Merlin and ILM laser module product lines previously owned by Renishaw plc. Please visit our Carlson webpage for details.

Void Scanner Wi-Fi box

The Void Scanner Wi-Fi box is an optional accessory for the Void Scanner laser measurement system. Wireless communication enables you to control the laser scanner from a safe location.

Housed inside a ruggedised Peli™ case enclosure, the Wi-Fi box features a rechargeable battery and wireless module. The Wi-Fi box removes the need for a separate battery pack, power cable, PC data cable and interface box.

With the Wi-Fi box connected, you can wirelessly send scan data over distances up to 50 m to the operator's PC or handheld tablet so the user can retreat further from the unsafe area to be scanned.
  • Connect to the Void Scanner probe via the standard 13.7 m power/data cable, or via the 1.5 m power/data cable supplied with the Wi-Fi box.
  • Connect to PC via wireless data communication so no cables are required between Wi-Fi box and PC.
  • With the PC connected to the Void Scanner system's Wi-Fi network, the probe can be controlled using Cavity Profiler – VS software in the same way as if it were connected to the probe with a cable.