Welcome 3shape and Procera® Forte users

Welcome 3shape and Procera® Forte Users.

Boost your profits and reduce your turnaround times with a Renishaw incise™ milling machine.

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incise™ milling machine

Connect a Renishaw incise milling machine to your 3shape or Procera® Forte scanner and have the ability to machine your own zirconia frameworks for a highly competitive price. Regain control of your turn around times. Use the rapid wax milling option when you are casting metal alloys or making pressables.

The milling machine can run unmanned overnight freeing up more of your time during the day. At any time during the cutting process you have the flexibility to add new jobs, alter the cutting order or pause the machine to access to finished frameworks.

As a milling machine customer you also have the additional capacity offered by Renishaw's central manufacturing. As well as zirconia, laser sintered cobalt chrome (Laser PFM ™) is another popular option.

“ I am overjoyed with our Renishaw CAD/CAM System, it's like a robot technician - it will work through the night, doesn't get ill or take a holiday. It's brilliant!”
Matthew Walton - Director
H2W Dental Ceramics Ltd, Weston-super-Mare, UK


“Moving to in-lab milling of zirconia has seen an increase in productivity and the ability to offer a faster service to our clients. The accuracy of fit is exceptional and very little hand finishing is required compared to other milling systems we utilise”
Paul Johnson - Director
Crown and Bridge Ceramics - Thornbury, UK

3shape is a trademark of 3shape A/S 

Procera® is a trademark of the Nobel Biocare group

Laser PFM™

Laser PFM™ is a hi-tech alternative to traditional cast metal frameworks. This additive process, sometimes called 3D printing, builds up each framework, layer by layer. The material is strong, with a consistent quality and offers a stable price not available with precious metals.

Made in the UK, the materials used are free from nickel and beryllium giving high biocompatibility. The frameworks have excellent porcelain bond strength or the ability to be highly polished in less than 10 minutes.


Zirconia is available in 6 different shades and allows up to 28 units to be machined from each billet.


A Renishaw engineer will carry out your installation and training so you can be up and running in just one day.


  • Flyer: Boost your profits Flyer: Boost your profits

    3shape and Procera® Forte Scanner users ONLY. Could your profits increase and your turnaround times reduce if you connect to a Renishaw incise™ milling machine? Read more here.


Next steps

Contact us online if you require more information or you have a pricing query, or alternatively you may like to speak directly to your local Renishaw office.