Dental CAD/CAM

See how the Geometric Modelling Library has been used to solve complex geometry problems in the dental industry.

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Renishaw's highly successful CAD/CAM system uses GML at its core

Screen shot from Renishaw's incise dental CAD softwareAffordable dental CAD/CAM. Establishing yourself as a leader in the provision of an affordable, yet highly accurate, CAD/CAM system designed for the production of coping, bridges and implants for the dental industry is no easy matter. However, Renishaw achieved its ambitious timescales in part by being able to call upon the GML as the core foundations needed for the CAD/CAM software it required to glue the hardware system. The result is a solution for every lab ranging from single scanner, plus CAD/CAM software, plus cutting solution and furnace; through to a full in-lab system with multiple milling machines – either sited locally in lab or supplied as a central manufacturing capability by Renishaw with scanned jobs being submitted via the internet.

Screen shot from Renishaw's incise dental CAD softwareThis then is a classic example of an add-in engineered application built on the GML.