The Comprehensive C++ Geometric Modelling Library

Find out how the Geometric Modelling Library speeds up development of your software.

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GML Full BoxRenishaw has developed this powerful geometry library, complete with its own application and 3D visualiser. This offers both a first-class geometric library and a rapid development environment. The rapid development environment enables the efficient production of geometric software without the need for additional expensive development and visualisation tools. The Geometric Modelling Library is built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

With the Geometric Modelling Library you get:

  1. A robust and reliable library, built on a high quality, mature code base.
  2. Extensibility with an easy to use add-in mechanism.
  3. A tiered, easy to use architecture.
  4. Clear sample projects and documentation.
  5. The option to take up our bespoke development service.

Rapid Development Environment

Entity Visualisation 

  • Entity visualisationUse the rich functionality available to generate and manipulate entities that represent your geometry problem.
  • Use one of our in-built entities to visualise your geometry out of the box.
  • Customise the visualiser by creating your own entities and/or your own OpenGL rendering routines.

Visual Debugging

  • GML Code Screen Shot 1Take control of entities selected in the visualiser.
  • Write powerful entity manipulation GUI routines.
  • Use the visualiser to test and debug complex geometry routines quickly and efficiently.