The Geometric Modelling Library offers extensive support for point clouds, triangulated meshes and NURBS curves and surfaces.

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The Geometric Modelling Library provides 4 main entity types: Point Sets, Triangulations, NURBS Curves and NURBS Surfaces. Consult the table below for a subset of the functionality available, or click an image to see a fuller selection of functionality available for each entity (please download and consult our API documentation for a complete description of the functionality we offer).

 Point Set TriangulationNURBS Curve NURBS Surface


Point Set mind mapTriangulation mind mapNURBS Curve mind mapNURBS Surface mind map
 Data infilling Y Y  
 Data reduction Y Y  
 Segmentation Y Y Y Y
 Registration Y Y Y Y
 Error analysis Y Y Y Y
 Prismatic creation Y Y Y Y
 Edge extraction  Y  
 Filtering Y Y Y Y
 Interpolation   Y Y
 Extrapolation   Y Y
 Degree manipulation   Y Y
 Merging Y Y Y Y
 Lofting    Y
 Revolving    Y