We Believe in Geometry Built for You

Renishaw offers a software development service which can provide you with the geometry solutions you require.

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If you have an idea or problem, but lack the time, expertise or resources to solve it, we can provide you with a solution. We have the expertise, know-how and the track record to provide you with software that is robust, comprehensive and that works.

Solutions can be developed to whatever level you require - from single algorithms to fully fledged applications.

Full application development

From a small in-house support tool to a fully interactive commercial product, we can develop a fully fledged bespoke application to your exact requirements. You supply the requirements and we do the rest; the simplest way to achieve your objectives.

Component development

If you have your own in-house software development but lack the geometry skills required, again we can help. Whether you require a single algorithm, a simple class library or a full suite of geometric functionality, we are on hand to deliver what you need. Your developers would work with us to specify requirements, we deliver the component(s) and your team integrates the component(s) within your existing applications.


You may only require a helping hand in developing a piece of geometric functionality. With our expertise, we can work with you to allow you to design and implement geometric algorithms directly into your existing code base. We could develop your algorithm and deliver it as a GML add-in, or we could even provide you with a code snippet to integrate into your project.

What happens to the code?

Whatever we develop you will have the option to take full ownership of the source code we have written for you, or it can be retained by us.  If we own and maintain the source code, we will be able to provide you with full maintenance and support services for you if you require.