Connectors and signals for the UCCFusion controller

Rear panel

The connectors on the rear panel of the UCCFusion controller enclosure are shown below:


UCC T3 rear view>

DC power in

3W3 socket. The UCCFusion controller is powered from an external DC power source through this connector, which can be purchased in a connector kit from Renishaw.

3W3 socket






A10 V
A224-60 V
A30 V

Pins 1 and 3 and joined together via a low impedance path.

DC power specification

• Voltage 24 to 60 V
• Current input to 10 A

The UCCFusion controller requires 30 W of power to support the controller functions integrated into the unit, this must be factored into the power supply used.

CAUTION: For ambient temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees celcius , the maximum input power should be 400W.

CAUTION: UCCFusion is not recommended for use in ambient temperatures above 50 degrees celcius.

Regenerating loads

The UCCFusion controller can be attached to motors that cause a regeneration of voltage during the deceleration stage of machine motion. The system integrator must ensure that the power supply used in the installation will permit any regenerative voltage to be accepted without failure.

NOTE: If the power supply is not able to withstand this regenerative voltage from the motors then a suitable diode must be wired in series with the positive supply to isolate this event.