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Axis slip parameters

Default parameters:

In the .ini file under [ServoConfiguration]

SlipCheckDuration = 0.4

SlipDistancePercentage = 0.2

MaximumMoveSpeedSlipPercentage = 0.05

We have an AXIS SLIP if:

  • The axis has not moved by at least 20 % (0.2 - SlipDistancePercentage) of the estimated distance expected within a pre-defined time (0.4 - SlipCheckDuration). This will only be checked for speeds higher than 5 % (MaximumMoveSpeedSlipPercentage) of the maximum speed.

To switch off AXIS SLIP set the MaximumMoveSpeedSlipPercentage to 1.

  • Axis slip is checked for speeds higher than the maximum speed (which does not happen)
  • The D to A increases but does not wait until it is in OVERDRIVE (generally 20 % higher than the maximum speed)
  • Contrary to the OVERDRIVE which disengages the motors, the axis slip leaves them engaged but goes through a FAST STOP and a BACK OFF (when an axis slip occurs)
  • Axis slip is useful when a machine is pushing against something and cannot move. However, when a machine has inherently high STICTION, it becomes a problem