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Cleaning material

The kinematic coupling mechanisms of stylus and module changing probe systems have a precision ball and V-groove seating, electrical contacts and permanent magnets on which dust and other particles can accumulate, affecting performance.

These features should be visually inspected and cleaned, if necessary, with the specilalised material supplied by Renishaw as described below.

Please refer to product specific documentation for information on the recommended cleaning regime. In the absence of this information, clean all features before the first use and subsequently every month or 500 changes (whichever occurs first) as standard.

To ensure effective cleaning, do not reuse any area of the material. Both sides of the material may be used. Do not apply to optical windows (if applicable).

Methods of using the cleaning material

Step 1 - cleaning with yellow tackFor smaller diameter products:

  • Peel back the protective film and press the material firmly into the kinematic coupling faces.

Step 2 - cleaning with yellow tackFor larger diameter products:

  • With clean hands tear off a small piece of material and shape it into a ball.
  • Press into / onto each of the features in turn, rotating to a fresh piece of material for each feature, taking care to ensure none of the cleaning material is left behind.


If additional cleaning material is required please order from your local Renishaw supplier (part number A-1085-0016).

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