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SM25 modules and SH25 stylus holders – repeatability when changing using FCR25

Module / body joint

For this test the module was fitted with the longest permissible stylus for a worst case scenario. The repeatability of the sphere centre position, using FCR25 to change modules, is shown below:

X (±2σ) ± 0.48 µm± 0.42 µm± 0.60 µm
Y (±2σ)± 1.38 µm± 0.88 µm± 1.52 µm
Z (±2σ) ± 0.94 µm± 0.72 µm± 1.40 µm

Module / stylus holder

The repeatability of the stylus holder joints has been estimated as the repeatability of the centre position of a sphere measured with 5 points.

X (±2σ)± 0.32 µm± 0.34 µm± 0.45 µm
Y (±2σ)± 0.34 µm± 0.38 µm± 0.9 µm
Z (±2σ)± 0.45 µm± 0.39 µm± 0.54 µm


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