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USB driver package for PHC10-3

USB communication is via the USB type "B" socket on the rear panel. The PHC10-3 is self powered and therefore takes no power from the PC bus. The PHC10-3 will switch automatically from RS232 to communicate via the USB port if a powered up cable is connected.

NOTE: ONLY one type of communications cable is to be inserted at any time. IF in USB mode and the cable is removed the PHC10-3 will assert PICS STOP.

Switches 1 to 6 have no function when operating via USB. They may be set to the default down position or left in the RS232 positions.

Switches 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13 will operate as described in the Interface switches section.

To operate via the USB port the CMM PC will require the correct USB drivers to be loaded. The signed drivers are available on the zip file below. To load the drivers power up a PHC10-3 and connect to the CMM PC via a USB cable. The CMM PC operating system should recognise the new hardware and the ‘found new hardware' wizard will offer to search for the driver.

To conform to USB standards a maximum cable length of 5 m may be used. If a longer distance is required a hub may be used to extend another 5 m. The maximum length of hubs / cables is 30 m. It is suggested that the PHC10-3 should not share its USB port with any high data rate device which may slow down its response time. Devices such as video cameras and disc drives for example should be avoided if possible.