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Automated REVO calibration sequence

  • Download “Revo” file, decompress the file. The file should now be called “Revo calibration.uas”.
  • Save “Revo calibration.uas” file in UCCassist2 sequences folder. The location of the sequences folder is approximately > \Program Files\Renishaw\UCC\Utilities\UCCassist Mark II\Sequences\Utilities
  • Start UCCassist2
  • Create a desktop shortcut:
UCCassist-2 command

Complete dialogue with shortcut name and location in ‘Sequence file' field... Leave utility file blank.

REVO calibration sequence–create shortcut
  • Ensure the ‘Desktop', 'Play Sequence', ‘Lock Menus' and ‘Maintenance' boxes are checked.
  • Click Save when done.

This will create a shortcut on the desktop. When you double click the shortcut on your desktop, UCCAssistMk2 will auto load, and the head calibration sequence will start. Follow the on-screen instructions and press the “play” button when required.