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Connecting the UCC T5 to the host PC

Hardware connection

The host PC must have a dedicated ethernet connection to the UCC T5. It is recommended that this is not a USB plug-in adapter because of the reduction in speed these devices normally produce.

If the host PC is connected to a network, it is necessary to install additional hardware to allow a dedicated connection for UCC T5 communication. For details on how to install additional hardware on the host PC, please refer to the manufacturer user's guide.

The UCC T5 is capable of using 1 Gbps ethernet (with appropriate cable). .

A 5 m ethernet cable is provided for this link as part of the UCC T5 kit. The cable included is a Cat 5E, cross-over type. Other lengths may be used, but the maximum length is determined by the generic specification for ethernet connections which are sufficient for any CMM installation.

It is recommended that a shielded cross-over cable is used if there is a likelihood of EMC disruption due to the environment or location of the routed cable.

It is recommended that the cross-over cable is labelled to avoid being mistaken for a non cross-over cable.

Software installation

UCCsuite 4.7 or newer software must be installed on the host PC prior to connection of the UCC T5.  The UCC software suite can be downloaded from the Renishaw website.  After the software has been installed, run UCCassist-2 to set up and configure the CMM controller.