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Fault finding

Refer also to the appropriate user's guide for the probe.

Loss of measuring accuracy

Possible causesRemedy
Mounting not secure.
Check that the MH8 is correctly mounted to the shank and that the screws are secure. Check the clamping mechanism in the CMM quill.
MH8 not fully locked.
Ensure that the lock lever is turned fully clockwise.
Excessive force imparted to probe after locking.
Unlock and re-lock the MH8.
MH8 overloaded.
Use only with the specified probe and extension combinations.
Faulty probe.
Check by substitution.
MH8 worn or damaged. Check by substitution or return to Renishaw or your supplier.

Axes ‘rattle' when rotated

Possible causes Remedy
MH8 not fully unlocked. Turn lock lever fully anticlockwise before attempting to reorientate probe.