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NOTE: Before unpacking and installing the SP25M probe system, please read the safety information and ensure that they are followed at all times during system installation and operation.

This document is intended to provide help and guidance during initial installation, integration and subsequent use of the of the SP25M probe system. It is assumed that the system will be installed on a coordinate measuring machine using a controller system that has had full SP25M system integration in the form of a dedicated Renishaw controller or an AC3 (ISA bus) analogue interface PC card.

SP25M is a compact and versatile probe system that provides both scanning capability for form measurement or reverse engineering and touch-trigger probing for geometric size and position measurement.

The SP25M system provides highly accurate scanning measurement with stylus lengths from 20 mm to 400 mm as well as full TP20 touch-trigger probe module compatibility to suit a range of applications.

The SP25M system uses the Renishaw autojoint to enable repeatable mounting to the PH10M PLUS, PH10MQ PLUS and PH6M probe heads. Multiwired extension bar mounting of the SP25M system is also possible to extend the reach and enable more access to part features.

The range of SM25 scanning modules are designed to cover specific stylus length ranges whilst maintaining excellent accuracy performance. The system can be readily expanded to further increase the scanning range, allow TP20 touch-trigger measurement or utilise an automatic changer system.