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The TP200 / TP200B is a 13.5 mm diameter touch-trigger probe with the facility to quickly change stylus configurations without the need for requalification. Electronic strain sensing techniques are used to improve on the form measuring accuracy and operating life that can be achieved compared with kinematic touch-trigger probes.

The TP200 probe is a two piece design comprising the probe body and a detachable stylus module that holds the stylus assembly.

The stylus module has a choice of fixed overtravels: 'SF' (standard force) or 'LF' (low force). There is also the 'EO' (extended overtravel) module which has the same overtravel force as the 'SF' but provides increased operating range and protection in the probe Z axis.

The optional SCR200 stylus change rack provides storage for pre-qualified stylus assemblies and facilitates automatic stylus changing under measurement program control.

The probe and rack are powered by the dedicated PI 200-3 interface, which performs signal processing and communicates with the CMM controller.

TP200 probe system