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The UCC MMI is an interface for use on manual CMMs to interface and connect encoder and probe signals to the PC. The complete range of Renishaw 2-wire kinematic touch-trigger probes are supported.

The UCC MMI is housed in a 1U 19 inch rack-mountable enclosure. It is coupled to the CMM host computer by a USB 1.1 link and to the CMM by external cable interface connectors. A rack mounting kit is available as an optional extra.

The UCC MMI has the capability to:

  • Control three axes of a CMM
  • Accept input signals from air pressure, contactor feedback and all axis inner and outer travel limit switches
  • Accept two uncommitted general purpose input signals and generate one uncommitted general purpose output signal
  • Directly support the TP1, TP2, TP6, TP20 touch-trigger probes
  • Indirectly support the TP200 via an external PI 200-3 interface
  • Provide a +24 V supply for use by the CMM if required.

UCC MMI features

  • Rear panel connectors for the external interface cables to and from the CMM
  • Rear panel USB connection for the two-way communication link to the CMM host computer
  • Readhead circuitry for CMM digital measuring scales
  • Status indicating LEDs
  • Control electronics for probes
  • X, Y, Z axis data input from the CMM readheads
  • Connections for the TP20, TP1, TP2 and TP6 touch-trigger probes
  • I/O connections to limit switches, air pressure and other digital inputs and outputs

TTP interface

The UCC MMI unit incorporates the circuitry and software necessary to interface with the Renishaw TP20, TP1, TP2 and TP6 probes.

Power supply unit

The UCC MMI requires an external 24 Vdc 2.5 A power supply.


 44 mm (1U) 130 mm 435 mm (19 in enclosure) 1.2 kg (without cables)