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The UCC dynamic mapping tool (DMT) enables laser error mapping to be run dynamically on a CMM. This speeds up the process of data gathering and allows more data to be collected, ultimately giving a higher quality error map in a shorter time.

The DMT can only be used from UCCsuite 5.1 or later.

The DMT is compatible with the XL80 only.

Software setup

Error mapping is carried out through UCCassist-2 using the sequence player.

Prior to the error mapping runs, the XL80 is powered up and connected to the PC via its USB connection.

The DMT should be connected as per the instructions in this user guide prior to the first ‘Run Configuration' stage of the error mapping sequence.

The software recognises that the DMT is connected and the ‘Run Configuration' window displays an additional settings section called ‘Trigger Lead Capture'. These control how the system behaves during data capture when using the DMT.

The setting options are 'Move speed', 'Acceleration' and 'Capture speed'. Suitable settings will depend on the type of machine. For example, acceleration may be reduced for heavy machines.

During data collection the machine will move continually and capture data in both the positive and negative direction.

DMT run configuration