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Filter replacement

The UCC T3 controller has a positive air flow within its enclosure for cooling purposes; this system has a replaceable filter to protect it from the ingress of dust. The machine operator should check the condition of this filter on a regular basis. It is recommended that this filter is removed and checked then replaced as necessary during the machine installer or retrofitter's regular maintenance routine.

Exchanging / removing the air filter

The following procedure is recommended when exchanging / removing the air filter:

  1. Remove power from the controller.
  2. Remove the 19 inch rack mounting brackets (if fitted) by removing the two fixing screws.
  3. Individually pull the heads of both the filter-retaining clips away from the unit about 5 mm for them to disengage. This should permit the external filter cover to be pulled away.
  4. Remove the filter material from the filter recess.
  5. Replace the filter, reversing the steps given above (the part number of the replacement filter is A-5518-0011).

Generic air filter