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NOTE: There are no user serviceable parts inside this unit.

Filter replacement

The SPA3 has a positive air flow within its enclosure for cooling purposes. This system has a replaceable filter to protect it from the ingress of dust. The machine operator should check the condition of this filter on a regular basis. It is recommended that this filter is removed and checked / replaced as necessary during the machine installer or retrofitter's regular maintenance routine.

Exchanging / removing the air filter

The following procedure is recommended when exchanging / removing the air filter:

• Remove power from the controller
• Remove the 19 inch rack mounting brackets (if fitted) by removing the two fixing screws
• Pull both the filter retaining clips away from the unit, this should permit the external filter cover to be pulled away
• Remove the filter material from the filter recess (replacement part number of filter is A-5518-0011)
• Replace the filter using the reverse of the method given above.

Generic air filter