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Mounting an FCR25 and FCR25 TC to an MRS rail system

NOTE: The procedure described below has proven to be simple, quick and effective to complete. It is still recommended however that the user practices the routines to become familiar and competent with the process.

  1. The FCR25 and FCR25 TC is mounted to the underside of the MRS rail and clamped in position by using two T-nuts.
  2. Mount the FCR25 or FCR25 TC in the desired position along the MRS rail and hand-tighten the screws.
  3. Align the FCR25 or FCR25 TC to the X-axis of the CMM by taking two points [P1] and [P2] as shown below. Adjust the position so that a maximum run out of 0.25 mm is achieved between [P1] and [P2].
  4. Securely tighten the screws, the docking positions for the system elements can now be set.
Mounting FCR25 and FCR25 TC to MRS