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New PC will not connect to existing UCC2

UCC2 units produced before April 2008 (mod level V6 and earlier) use an IP address of during the paring process. This is not a legal address for use with Vista and Windows 7; therefore PCs with these operating systems will not talk to these units.

UCC2 controllers manufactured after April 2008 have Vista and Windows 7 compliant firmware incorporated and are labelled V7. All UCC2 version V7 (and later) units will be Vista and Windows 7 compliant. V7 units will still be compatible with earlier operating systems.

There is a program that will update the firmware of V6 and earlier versions of UCC2 to make them Vista compliant. This program is installed automatically in all UCCsuite installations and is available from;

C:\Program Files\Renishaw\UCC\Utilities\UCC2 Firmware Updater

and is called UCC_hd_update_2.exe.


This update cannot be performed using a PC with a Vista or Windows 7 operating system. A PC with a Windows NT, 2000 or XP Pro operating system must be used to do this.

To upgrade a UCC2 controller it must be connected to a PC with UCCsuite software installed, the software must be UCCsuite V4.2 or later. The PC should be attached to the UCC2 with a crossover ethernet cable. If the PC and the UCC2 are not a matched pair then go through the IP configuration process

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