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Operating modes

Manual mode

In manual mode the optional HCU2 hand control unit is used to control head and probe functions. If the HCU2 is connected to the PHC10-3 PLUS controller when power is applied to the system, the system will enter manual mode. For further information refer to the HCU2 user's guide (part number H-1000-5361).

Automatic mode

In automatic mode the system is under the control of the CMM computer. The HCU2 cannot be used to control head or probe functions in automatic mode. With no HCU2 fitted when power is applied to the system, the system will enter automatic mode. The system must be switched to manual mode under CMM control (and an HCU2 connected) for operation under manual mode.

Please refer to the documentation provided by your CMM supplier for further details on controlling the PH10 PLUS series of heads using the CMM computer.

CAUTION: Please ensure that the head is mounted as rigidly as possible in the CMM's quill. Avoid collisions between the head, workpiece or CMM bed, ensuring that the head is moved clear of any obstruction before requesting a position change. Do not apply force to any moving parts of the head and do not move the head axes by hand when locked or unlocked.