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PHC10-3 PLUS probe head controller

PH10M-iQ PLUS must be used in conjunction with PHC10-3 PLUS, UCC S3 or UCC T3 PLUS.

PHC10-3 PLUS uses an external power supply for the head, manages all head functions and communicates via a suitable interface with the CMM computer. An additional probe interface is required for probe signal conditioning when using the PHC10-3 PLUS with either a TP7 or TP200.

PH10 user guide - figure 4

Powering PHC10-3 PLUS

PHC10-3 PLUS is to be used with the provided PSU - (Emerson DP4024N3M AC power adptor) This is a 24 Vdc 49 W supply and is connected to the PHC10-3 PLUS via Ø5.5 mm dc jack plug. PHC10-3 PLUS does not does require a protective earth. However, an equipotential bonding point is provided on the rear panel for connection to the rest of the installation.

  • PHC10-3 PLUS is rated to operate at +24 Vdc 1 A max input current

 If an internal probe interface is fitted with the PHC10-3 PLUS it will obtain its power internally from the PHC10-3 PLUS controller.

PHC10-3 PLUS rear panel layout

PHC10-3 rear panel layout




 9-way D-type plug for PICS output


 9-way D-type connector to HCU1


 25-way D-type plug RS232 communications connector to CMM computer


 USB type “B” socket


 PHC10-3 configuration switches


 15-way D-type connector to probe head


 7-pin DIN raw probe connector to probe interface or multiwire input for internal interfaces


 DC power jack


 Equipment bond point


 Reset button

Refer to the PHC10-3 PLUS installation guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-0077) for further detail.

PHC10-3 PLUS LED description

PHC10-3 PLUS LED identification






 Power on when lit



 PHC10-3 PLUS asserting PICS STOP when lit
 PI 200 asserting PICS STOP when flashing



 Head ready for use when lit



 Head indexing when lit



 Head datum error when lit



 Head obstruct error when lit or when non PLUS interface fitted



 Head overload error when lit



 TP7 detected when lit



 TP200 detected when lit



 TP2 / TP20 / TP6 detected when lit



 Probe seated when lit



 Probe damped when lit

NOTE: The probe reset button on the front of PHC10-3 PLUS only functions if a probe interface card is installed within the unit.