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RCP TC-2 automatic rack set-up in UCCsuite 4.7 and earlier

The RCP TC-2 temperature controlled change port is a direct replacement for the legacy RCP TC that offers improved firmware and modified geometry for changing RSP3-6 probes.

RCP TC-2 is not available for selection in UCCsuite 4.7 and earlier. However, a patch is available that makes the port backward compatible. With this patch the RCP TC-2 can be set-up as a legacy RCP TC. The Set-up procedure section below details how users can download and install the RCP-TC-2.xml patch that allows them to identify and align the port correctly.

It is not necessary to replace any files in UCCsuite 4.8 and beyond as the correct set up software for both rack types, RCP TC and RCP TC-2, is available.

Fault detail

The standard alignment procedure for RCP TC consists of two parts. The first involves the operator taking a series of manual touch points for the initial manual alignment of the rack port. The second involves and auto-alignment routine to provide better alignment.

When RCP TC-2 is set up as RCP TC in UCCsuite 4.7 and earlier without the patch, the port becomes incorrectly aligned. This results in a probe change failure. This failure occurs because the pre-programmed touch points for RCP TC have been positioned where the geometry of RCP TC-2 has been modified

Differences between RCP TC and RCP TC-2:

RCP TC comparative dimensions

Rack set up procedure

Set up the RCP TC-2 as normal using the add rack feature. There will not be an option in the in the drop down menu in UCCsuite 4.7 (or earlier) for RCP TC-2. In these instances the operator should use RCP TC in its place.

Next, set the number of ports required.
Before starting the ‘locate' operation a file called RCP-TC-2.xml has to be copied to the UCCsuite software.

This file can be found on the RFS area of the Renishaw website:

Download the file called RCP TC-2 and place it in one of the folders shown below for Windows XP and Windows 7 users respectively.

  • Windows 7 example: C:\ProgramFilesx86)\Renishaw\UCC\UCCSERVER\UCCSERVER_47000\Data\ProbePaths\Racks\RCP-TC
  • Windows XP example: C:\ProgramFiles\Renishaw\UCC\UCCSERVER\UCCSERVER_47000\Data\ProbePaths\Racks\RCP-TC

Within the current RCP TC folder, you will find a file called RCP-TC.xml. Rename or delete this file and then paste the newly downloaded RCP TC-2 file in its place. This new file should then be renamed RCP TC.

Once the RCP TC-2 file has been copied and renamed as RCP TC the locate operation can be run. This involves taking manual points on the rack as shown in the UCCserver view window, and then following the operator prompt to start the automatic alignment routine.

NOTE: Operators should proceed with care when a probe is docked into RCP TC-2 for the first time.

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